03 - 23 - 2012

Homework Assignment Notebook Mr.Berkowitz Week of April 23, 2012
Class Newsletter All Children Can Learn in Different Ways at Different Rates

You may reach your teacher at any time in the evening at 248 626 6972. If you get voice mail call my cell 248 819 0899 . . Thanks for your help and support.

Important Dates:
April 24-Dinner w/ Dad @ 5:30 (hosted by Dad's Club) May 1-Delayed start

Homework Due Dates:
April 23 Words Their Way work to be completed and each assignment due the next day
April 23 Social Studies Chapter 6 Test for Mr. B's Room
April 24 Social Studies Chapter 6 Test for Mr. Pesamoska's Room

This web site has been aligned to each Chicago Math lesson. Please use Unit 9 and try to do one activity for each lesson as a guide to the games you play on Math Review Link
Math Review

Vocabulary Reinforcement:
Go to Vocabulary Reinforcement We will continue the program in school. I would suggest that you work on Book 5 Lesson 3 and play the games 5 times a week.

Begin to explore and learn how to use the following programs:scratch.mit.edu There is no charge for the above program. You may sign up for the program.drawing / cartooning program sodaplay.com 3D animation