Each night of the week you need to do a different activity to ensure that these words and the spelling skills are mastered. These activities have been modeled and practiced in class, so you can teach your parents how to do them. Use this page as a checklist. Printable versions of the charts and sentence sheets are linked at the bottom of the assignments. These pages are to be worked on as a word document and saved to your flash drive.
Monday- Complete a word study by sorting your words into categories the way you did it with your teacher at school. You should go to Spelling City and find your sort. Next, you need to go to "Teach Me" to hear the words. Go to Words Their Way on the Wiki and find your flipchart. Bring up the writing sort and place it on your desktop. Now, listen to teach me again and as you do so place your words on the "word study document". Now, sort them a second time as fast as possible. Finally, write the words in the correct categories using the “word study” chart. Label the categories at the top of the chart. You may want to time yourself here too. Save this chart to your flash drive.

Tuesday- Do a blind sort. Go to your flip chart and have your parents print out the completed sort. Have the blank flipchart with the headings open on your computer desktop. Your parents will give you words from your sort at random order. Type the words onto the flipchart and save to your flash drive.

Wednesday- Go to Spelling City and type in a sentence for each word found within your sort.

Thursday- Do a writing sort to prepare for Monday’s test using the “writing sort” chart. Begin by selecting one of your sort words to label each category as a header. Then, go to "Teach Me" in Spelling City and save to your flash drive. Parents are to check your flash drive to be sure that you have saved all of your activities.

Word Study Sort (Monday)
Blind Sort (Tuesday)
Sentences (Wednesday)
Writing Sort (Thursday)

writing sort.doc Sentence Writing.doc LN word study sort.doc
*Optional Extra Practice:
  1. Visit http://www.spellingcity.com
  2. Practice your words by entering them into the computer in the START HERE section. You can add more than five words by using the links at the bottom of the list.
  3. After you enter all your words, choose the "TEACH ME" option. Click on the arrows to go through your list and hear a sentence for each word.
  4. When you have finished listening to the sentences, select "PLAY A GAME".
  5. Please play any three games.
  6. After, select "TEST ME". Click on the "SAY IT" box to hear each word. It will say the word, and you can type it. You may also click on the "SENTENCE" box to hear a sentence to help you.